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Your Summer Billiard Clothing Must-Haves

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

June 20, 2021

It’s officially summer and that means more time to play pool! As we all know, billiards is a great game to play to relax with friends and family, or even to enjoy competitively. Even though you can play wearing any outfits ranging from casual to fancy, you still want to choose pieces that maximize your comfort and performance because there’s no better feeling than playing your best. Here are our top pool clothing picks for any pool enthusiast!

Billiardairs creatively designed for your everyday pool player

1. 8 Ball Champ Shirt (

Show ‘em you mean business with our 8 Ball Champ shirt! With its lightweight fabric and sleek design, this shirt is perfect to wear while playing a game of billiards or hanging out at home. The fit is comfortable and leaves room for bending and stretching for shots.

2. Pool Girls Rock (

This shirt is for all the ladies taking the pool world by storm! We love it for its short sleeves, moisture management fabric, and eye-catching design. This shirt has a longer fit so it won’t ride up in the front or back when you sink the 8-Ball.

3. Let’s Shoot It Out (

This zip up hoodie is a classic with its a comfortable fleece lining and splash of color on the back. This would be perfect to wear as you warm up for your game and could even be a staple across multiple seasons.

4. 8 Ball Champ Hoodie (

And last but not least, our favorite hoodie of the bunch! This 8 Ball Champ Hoodie has fun color blocking across the front and back, large front pockets, and a relaxed fit for maximum comfort. It’s light enough to wear on a summer night and warm enough to wear right into the fall season.

We developed our Billiardairs line because we are firm believers that when you look and feel your best, you’ll play your best. These edgy and stylish pieces fit the bill and are perfect for any billiard player!

Gear up with the best pool shirts and accessories in town and let's shoot it out.

Feeling ready to order? Before adding items to your cart, always check the size chart to ensure a proper fit. Have questions? Leave us a message in the contact us page!

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