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Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Best pool shirts and accessories in town

When you’re shooting pool, you want to look the part, regardless of your skillset; and that is where Billiardairs comes in. Billiardairs is a clothing line that celebrates the spirit of shooting pool through shirts and hoodies that will not prematurely put the 8 ball in your pockets.

T-Shirts Our comfortable, polyester, T-Shirts will keep you fresh from the break to the final 8 ball shot. These shirts are made for both men and women, with a long range of sizes to select from to ensure the right fit. The polyester fabric will be as smooth as a corner pocket shot from the other side of the table. For those who don’t talk much about their game, let their custom messaging do the talking for you. With items such as the “Mr. Cue” or “8 Ball Champ” shirts — the latter being available in red or gray — your game will be recognized loud and clear before you even say a word.

Hoodies You might feel like the winter will discourage you from going to your local billiards and keep your game on ice, but Billiardairs’ hoodies will keep you warm so your skillset can remain on fire. Just like the shirts, there are a variety of sizes and custom messaging to choose from. With the same polyester fabric, you will still have the luxury of remaining warm while still maintaining a level of comfortability so your opponent will not see you sweat, literally.

Whether you’re a pool shark or a 9 Ball guppy, Billiairdairs clothing will have you looking as clean as tropical waters. However, you shouldn’t waste any time in getting your gear. In fact, Billiardairs is promoting a special of free shipping on all U.S. Shipping when you order $50 or more worth of products; all you have to do is put in the promo code FREESHIP. Also, if you want to message them about design suggestions or not finding the right size for an item, email them through their Contact Page.

Gear up with the best pool shirts and accessories in town and let's shoot it out.

By Brandon Simmons

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